Sunderland Meeting : Intelligent Fault Diagnostics

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Wed 9 Jun 2004 - Thu 10 Jun 2004

NCAF Networks Issue 40

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The Use of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques and Neural Networks for Condition Monitoring of Elevators, Dale Adison (Sunderland University)

A Case Study of Bayesian Modelling on a Real World Problem, Garen Arevian (Sunderland University)

Intelligent Fault Diagnostics on the Grid, Xiaoxu Ren (Sheffield University)

An Evolutionary Approach to Image Recognition for British Telecom, Philip Tann (Sunderland University)

Hebbian Learning and Negative Feedback Neural Networks General Paper, Colin Fyfe (University of Paisley)

The Conjunction of Process and Spectral Data for Enhanced Fault Detection Themed Paper, Elaine Martin (Newcastle University)