Announcement: Machine Learning in Manufacturing Summer School: Addressing the challenges of Industry 4.0

Venue: Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, Coventry.

Date: Tuesday, 12th September lunch time – Friday, 15th September lunch time.

Organisers: Professor Darek Ceglarek, University of Warwick and Dr Rajesh Ransing, Swansea University.

Sponsors: The summer school is funded by EPSRC Plus Network and kindly sponsored by Natural Computing Applications Forum (NCAF) and Neural Computing and Applications (NC&A) Journal.

Aim: Industry 4.0, Digital Manufacturing, Big Data Analytics have created new opportunities for cross fertilisation of machine learning and manufacturing streams. The objective of this summer school is to bring together research students and early career researchers in statistics, machine learning and data mining community with interest in manufacturing as well as manufacturing researchers who want to see how information technology and artificial intelligence can help them. The summer school wants to bring these interdisciplinary teams together.

We are looking for machine learning opportunities offered by following themes, but of course, we are not limited by them.

  1. Predictive Analytics and Data Visualisation in Manufacturing
  2. Supply Chain Management and Connected Enterprise
  3. Automated Inspection and Image Processing
  4. Human-Robot and Robot-Robot Interactions

Why Should I attend? Leading experts from manufacturing industries will speak on the current challenges they are facing in their journey towards Industry 4.0.  They will identify expectations from machine learning community and present number of inspiring and thought provoking case studies. In addition, there will be group discussions, hands on examples on industrially relevant problems, mock EPSRC style panel review meeting.

Summer School Competition:  A chance to win £1000 prize, sponsored by the Neural Computing and Applications Journal, on the Uni-pol Challenge on data analytics and machine learning. This is an opportunity for machine learning experts to make a difference. The competition is only open to summer school participants. The details will be announced in the summer school.

We welcome you all at University of Warwick.

Dr Rajesh Ransing
Swansea University – NCAF 2017 Meeting Co-organiser


What is NCAF?

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