Announcement: NCAF 2016 Annual Meeting, September 2016 at Swansea University

After a period of reflection, NCAF has returned back to do what it does best – bring interdisciplinary teams from academia and industry together to host low cost, interactive, friendly and high quality meetings.

Big Data and Internet of Everything (IoE) is set to revolutionise the way we capture and reuse data to discover knowledge and wisdom. NCAF is teamed up with Mr Phil George, Team Leader, Rockwell Automation as a co-organiser to facilitate discussions with industrial insights. The theme for the first day of the annual meeting is ‘Data Security and Analytics for the Connected World’ and we will be inviting internationally leading speakers from industry and academia.

NCAF is actively seeking participation from industry as well as research students. To encourage participation from everyone, the registration fee is kept very low (students £10 and delegates £20).  There will also be an opportunity to display posters. There will be interactive sessions, panel discussions and many more.

Did I mention – Swansea University is hosting this event at its brand new £450M campus at a stunning beach side location!

We want to make this as a memorable experience.

I welcome you all at Swansea.

Dr Rajesh Ransing
Swansea University – NCAF 2016 Annual Meeting Co-organiser


What is NCAF?

Established in 1993, The Natural Computing Applications Forum (NCAF) hosts low cost meetings for people from Commerce, Industry and Academia to exchange ideas and experience in the field of Natural Computing, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Internet of Everything (IoE),  Data Security and Data Mining, Machine Learning and Advanced Statistical Analysis.

It owns the Neural Computing and Applications journal (2013 Impact Factor 1.763)


Since 1993, NCAF has hosted over 44 meetings  (including themed symposia) across UK universities.


Benefits of attending NCAF meetings:

1. Low cost event that is organised at various University locations in an informal/friendly environment. To keep costs low, the invited speakers volunteer their time and money to give a presentation.

2. Invited lectures/tutorials in addition to presentations given by academics, industrialists and students. NCAF meetings provide friendly environment that promotes interaction with peers.

3. An option to electronically subscribe to the Neural Computing and Applications Journal at a significantly discounted rate. Eligible for discount on Springer books (if ordered at or during the registration process for the meeting).

4. NCAF newsletter is now part of the Neural Computing and Applications journal. It is visible to a wider audience as it is accessed via the journal website.

5. Participants of NCAF meetings and UK academics and students can contribute to the NCAF newsletter in the form of news, 800 word article or one A4 size page poster

Want to host a NCAF meeting?

Are you interested in hosting a NCAF meeting in your own University with a theme of your choice? NCAF aims to run its meetings at breakeven costs. However, organisers don’t risk making a loss. Depending on your proposal, NCAF can provide you administrative support for the meeting and also guarantee minimum expenses required for catering and room bookings (even though many Universities support meetings with a free room hire) so that you can focus on arranging speakers and delivering a good quality and low cost meeting. Interested in organising our future meeting? Send your proposal to enquiries [at]