Winter Meeting in Aston University

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Day 1: Tuesday 19th January 2010 : Themed Papers

Time Session Supervisor
10:00 Registration and Tea / Coffee
10:50 Welcome Address Graham Hesketh (Past Chairman, NCAF)
11:00 Probabilistic Approaches to Understanding Complex Systems David Saad (Aston University)
12:00 Risk and Complexity Science Reimer Kuehn (King's College London)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Particle Swarm Optimisation Jort van Mourik / Harry Goldingay (Aston University)
14:30 Sparse Networks and Bioinformatics Sach Mukherjee (Warwick University)
15:15 Tea / Coffee
15:45 Complexity Analysis of Communication Networks Alexander Stepanenko (Aston University)
16:30 Probabilistic Methods for Measuring Time Series Complexity Ian Nabney (Aston University)
17:00 Solution to Puzzle Corner #42 [Follow the link to the new Puzzle Corner Page] Fenella the Rottweiler Graham Hesketh (Past Chairman, NCAF)
17:15 End of Day One
18:00 Social Event - Soho House Tour and Dinner Meet in Business School bar

Day 2: Wednesday 20th January 2010 : General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:30 Genetic Programming for Evolution of Abstract Computer Art Aniko Ekart (Aston University)
10:15 One-shot Learning of Poisson Distributions Peter Tino (Birmingham University)
11:00 Tea / Coffee
11:30 Nature-inspired Methods for Energy-related Applications Thorsten Schnier (CERCIA)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 NCAF AGM and Discussion on the Future of NCAF Graham Hesketh (Rolls-Royce)
14:30 Tea / Coffee
15:00 Visualisation of Geochemical Data: Theory and Practice Martin Schroeder (Aston University and IGI Ltd.)
15:45 Agent-based Simulation Maria Chli (Aston University)
16:30 Close of Meeting