Summer Meeting in University of Surrey, Guildford : Making Sense of Data : Theory and Practice

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Day 1: Monday 12th July 2010

Time Session Supervisor
10:00 Registration and Tea / Coffee
10:50 Welcome Address Andre Gruning (Surrey University)
11:00 Applied hierarchical pre-cortical processing Matthew Casey (Surrey University)
11:45 Tracking surgical instruments Lilian Tang (Surrey University)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Give cliques a chance: Line graphs, clique graphs and overlapping communities Tim Evans (Imperial College London)
14:15 Zero defect manufacturing for aerospace foundries - how do we make sense of in-process data? Meghana Ransing (MetaCause Solutions Ltd)
15:00 Tea / Coffee
15:30 Monitoring large data feeds for events using AURA-alert Grant Brewer (Cybula)
16:15 Solution to Puzzle Corner #43 [Follow the link to the new Puzzle Corner Page] Fenella the Rottweiler
16:30 End of Day One
17:30 Social Event - Wine tasting at a local vineyard followed by informal meal. Meeting point - Alan Turing sculpture in front of the School of Management

Day 2: Tuesday 13th July 2010

Time Session Supervisor
09:00 Tea / Coffee
09:30 Patient monitoring David Wong (Oxford University)
10:15 Design risk modelling for gas turbines Noel Iradukunda (Aston University)
11:00 Tea / Coffee
11:30 Keynote: The 9 Laws of Data Mining Tom Khabaza (Consultant)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Parallel implementation of a spiking neuronal network model of unsupervised olfactory learning on NVidia CUDA Thomas Nowotny (University of Sussex)
14:45 Evolving a CUDA kernel from an NVidia template Bill Langdon (King's College London)
15:30 Tea / Coffee and Close of Meeting