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Day 1 : Wednesday 21st January 2009 : Themed Papers

Time Session Supervisor
10:00 Registration and Tea / Coffee
10:50 Welcome Address by the Head of the Department Alastair Irons (University of Sunderland)
10:50 Welcome and Introduction to the NCAF meeting: Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Cognitive Robotics Stefan Wermter (University of Sunderland)
11:15 Multi-Modal Visual, Auditory and Motor Novelty and Familiarity Detection Christo Panchev (University of Sunderland)
12:00 Modelling the Sensor Hierarchy: From Gaze Shifts to Emotions Matthew Casey (University of Surrey)
12:45 Lunch
14:00 POPeye: Real-time Binaural Sound Source Localisation on an Audio-visual Robot Head Heidi Christenson (University of Sheffield)
14:45 Mobile Robot Broadband Sound Localisation Using a Biologically-inspired Spiking Neural Network Jindong Liu (University of Sunderland)
15:30 Tea / Coffee
16:15 Optimal Coverage of Moving Objects Using DCF Mark Ebden (University of Oxford)
17:00 Solution to Puzzle Corner #40
19:00 Social Event - Meal and Glass Blowing Demonstration at the National Glass Centre

Day 2: Thursday 22nd January 2009: Themed & General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:45 An Approach to Developing a Library of Voltage-gated Channels Harry Erwin (University of Sunderland)
10:30 Recurrent Self-Organising Memory Model for Speech Signal and Semantic Feature Association for Emergent Speech Representation Mark Elshaw (University of Sheffield)
11:15 Tea / Coffee
11:45 Towards Emotional Robots: Interaction Preference Between Robot and Human John Murray (University of Hertfordshire)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 NCAF AGM
13:45 Reinforcement Learning and Perceptual Symbol Systems for Supporting Human Robot Interaction Mike Knowles (University of Sunderland)
14:30 Simultaneous Tracking of Perceiver Movements and Speaker Changes Using Head-centred Binaural Data Heidi Christenson (University of Sheffield)
15:15 Tea / Coffee and Close of Meeting