Exeter Meeting : Safety Critical Systems

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Wed 4 Jun 2003 - Thu 5 Jun 2003

NCAF Networks Issue 37

View some presentations by clicking links from talk titles below.

Bayesian RJMCMC Methods for Safety Critical Systems, Wojtek Krzanowski (University of Exeter)

Tuning Legacy Critical Systems with Multi-objective Optimisation, Jonathan Fieldsend (University of Exeter)

Confidence in Neural Networks: Methodological Issues Arising from a Review of Safety-Related Applications, Paulo Lisboa (Liverpool John Moores University)

Developing Artificial Neural Networks for Safety Critical Applications, Zeshan Kurd (University of York)

Data Integrity: The use (and re-use) of data by safety related systems, Alastair Faulkner (CSE Limited & University of Warwick)

Forecasting Values of Commercial and Residential Property Using Non-Linear Mathematical and Statistical Techniques General Paper, Mandy Bradley & Chris Satchwell (Technical Forecasts Limited)

Audio Source Separation and ICA, Mike Davies (Queen Mary College, University of London)

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Solutions Themed Paper, Ali Hessami (Atkins Global, UK)

Neuromorphic Engineering, Natasha Chia (University of Oxford)

Beyond Independent Component Analysis: Hierarchical Models, Rizwan Choudrey (University of Oxford)