Durham Meeting : Data Mining

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Day 1 : Tuesday 10th September 2002 : Themed & General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:00 Registration and Coffee
09:45 Analysing Alcohol Data using Data Mining Methods Kath Thornton (Durham University)
10:20 Why Do Pipes Burst? A Case Study in Spatial Data Mining Stuart Roberts* & Peter Mott (Leeds University)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Case Study: Applying Data Mining Jing Wen (Shimadzu Research Laboratory)
12:05 Data Mining of Burglary Offences: A Case Study Involving Repeat Victimisation Giles Oatley (Sunderland University)
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Data Mining, Natural Computation and Intelligence Amplification Tom Khabaza (SPSS)
14:35 The Application of Non-linear Partial Least Squares in the Process Industries Download gz postscript of presentation Elaine Martin (Newcastle University)
15:15 Tea
15:45 Data Mining with AURA Jim Austin (York University / Cybula Ltd)
16:30 Solution to Puzzle Corner #21
16:45 Close of Day One
18:00 NCAF Dinner in Grey College Followed by a trip into historic Durham City Centre

Day 2 : Wednesday 11th September 2002 : General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:15 Pattern Analysis in Practice: Are Theory and Practice Irreconcilable? Ian Nabney (Aston University)
10:00 Combined Visualisation, Novelty Detection and Classification using Probabilistic Models Stephen Payne (Oxford University)
10:45 Coffee
11:15 Making the Universe a Cleaner Place Amos Storkey (Edinburgh University)
12:00 Graphical Models for Situation Assessment Peter Bladon (BAE SYSTEMS)
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Identifying Consistency of Behaviour in Offenders who Commit Serious Sexual Assaults Inspector Rick Adderley (West Midlands Police)
14:45 Data Never Lie – Humans Do: An Interactive Workshop Exploring Common Misconceptions, Fallacies and Downright Errors (bring your own horror stories!)
15:30 Tea and Close of Meeting