University of Bristol Meeting : Image Processing and Special Session for Postgraduate Student Papers

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Day 1 : Wednesday 13 September 2006 : Themed Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:00 Registration and Tea / Coffee
09:30 Markov Random Fields for Computer Vision Applications Carsten Rother (Microsoft Research)
10:10 Vision Chips with Analogue Cellular Processor Arrays Piotr Dudek (Manchester University)
10:45 Tea / Coffee
11:15 Hyperspectral Imagery and its Application to the Military Domain Chris Willis (BAE Systems ATC)
11:55 Model Matching with the TINA Computer Vision System Neil Thacker (Manchester University)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 An Adaptive Filter for People Tracking in Crowded and Occlusion Dense Scenes Andrew Cooke (BAE Systems ATC)
14:15 Visual Orientating Jon Chambers (Sheffield University)
15:00 Tea / Coffee
15:30 Identity Estimation in a Multiple-Feature Fusion Framework Valerie Leung (Kingston University)
16:15 Solution to Puzzle Corner #33
16:45 End of Day One
17:45 Leave Badock for Social Event (Meal in the Zoo)

Day 2 : Thursday 14 September 2006 : Postgrad Student Papers & General

Time Session Supervisor
09:30 MSc Paper (Winner) A Learning Approach for Call Admission Control in Cellular Networks Xu Yang (Queen Mary, University of London)
10:00 MSc Paper (Finalist) Distinguishing Ischemic from Non-ischemic Events Based on the ST Segments of the Electrocardiogram Michalis Smirnakis (Aston University)
10:30 Judging and Tea / Coffee
11:05 Award Presentation
11:15 Modelling the Aerospace Aftermarket Using Intelligent Agents Mark Cheeseman (Rolls-Royce)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Rule Migration as a Technique for Designing Emergence Heather Turner (York University)
14:15 Underwater Acoustics Paul Lepper (Loughborough University)
15:00 Tea / Coffee and End of Meeting