Hosted by NCRG at Aston University : Machine Learning

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Day 1 : Wednesday 16th January 2008 : Themed & General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
10:00 Registration and Tea / Coffee
10:50 Welcome Address Graham Hesketh (NCAF Chairman)
11:00 Hidden Connections Ian Nabney (Aston University)
12:00 Gaussian Processes for Online Information Processing Mike Osborne (Oxford University)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Discovering Meaningful Models with Bayesian Learning Mike Tipping (Vector Anomaly)
14:30 Visual Data Mining Ata Kaban (Birmingham University)
15:00 Tea / Coffee
15:30 Novelty Detection with Extreme Value Statistics David Clifton (Oxford University)
16:15 PhD Student Forum I
16:15 1. Detecting Brain Malfunction from EEG and ECG Thomas Bermudez, Aston University
16:45 2. Exploring Geochemical Data with Missing Values Martin Schroeder, Aston University
17:15 Solution to Puzzle Corner #37
17:30 End of Day One
18:00 Social Event - Bus Tour of Black Country

Day 2 : Thursday 17th January 2008 : Themed & General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:30 Machine Learning in Astronomy Peter Tino (Birmingham University)
10:15 Machine Learning - Learning Machine? Making sense of a complex world: the role of data and models Dan Cornford (Aston University)
11:00 Tea / Coffee
11:30 Compositional Evolution Richard Watson (Southampton University)
12:30 Lunch
13:45 NCAF AGM (NCAF members only)
14:00 PhD Student Forum II
14:00 3. Locating Damage from Acoustic Emissions using Gaussian Processes James Hensman, Sheffield University
14:30 4. Robustness of Fully-connected Networks to Attack by Strong, but Sparse, Interactions Jack Raymond, Aston University
15:00 5. Biologically Inspired Adaptive Cooperation Algorithm in Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Robotic System Sazalinsyah Razali, Loughborough University
15:30 6. Genetic Programming for Clustering Stephen Dalton, Aston University
16:00 Tea / Coffee and Close of Meeting
16:30 NCAF Committee Meeting