Aston Meeting : Applications in Medicine & Biology

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Day 1 : Wednesday 22nd January 2003 : Themed & General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:30 Registration and Coffee
10:00 A Survey of Biomedical Applications of Natural Computing Chris James (Aston University)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Applications of Wavelets and Independent Component Analysis for Biosignal Analysis Evangelos Roussos (Oxford University)
12:10 Probabilistic Modelling of Brain Imaging Data Will Penny (UCL)
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Genetic Programming Analysis of the Metabolome to Produce Simple, Robust Rules Douglas Kell (UMIST)
14:45 Marketable Neural Network Applications: an Easy Ride or Bumpy Road? Emma Braithwaite (Oxford Biosignals)
15:30 Tea
16:00 Modelling the Evolution of Oculomotor Control John Bullinaria (Birmingham University)
16:40 Solution to Puzzle Corner #22
17:00 Close of Day One
19:00 NCAF Dinner at a Mongolian restaurant

Day 2 : Thursday 23rd January 2003 : General Papers

Time Session Supervisor
09:15 Hide and seek - the watermarking game David Saad (Aston University)
10:15 Chasing Ghosts: Some Problems of Image Segmentation for Near-Shore Sea-Surface Pollution David Lowe (Aston University)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Evolving Programs that Develop into Artificial "Organisms" that can Adapt and Self-Repair Julian Miller (Birmingham University)
12:15 Poster Spotlights
12:30 Lunch and posters
13:30 NCAF AGM For NCAF members only
14:00 When to Hang out the Laundry? Probabilistic Precipitation Forecasting using Bayesian State Space Models Dan Cornford (Aston University)
14:40 Protecting the value in your ideas – patenting software-related inventions Bill Neobard & Alexander Korenberg (Kilburn & Strode)
15:15 Tea and Close of Meeting